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"Unleashing Creativity, One Stitch at a Time."

Patchwork Design

Discover the Artisan Quilt Subscription Experience

Welcome to Artisan Quilt Co. 

Dive into a world full of pattern, color, and creativity! We have taken the history of traditional patchwork and blended it with modern aesthetics. Each quilt and project has been thoughtfully curated to complement any interior decor and add a touch of age-old charm to your home.​With our subscription model, you will receive a new patchwork project delivered directly to your doorstep on a monthly basis. Our projects are made from premium, ethically sourced fabric, ensuring both comfort and durability. We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials, the craftsmanship and thought that goes into each project we create.

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My name is Shara Phillips

Since you're new here...


Every summer I would go to my Grandmas house, she would send me to sewing lessons and then help me put my new skills to work. These sweet memories are very close to my heart. Now that I am a mother of 3, I needed a creative outlet, and what else than to bring back those sweet memories! In 2023 I ran across "Monroe Mountain Quilt" and Artisan Quilt Co. was born! I hope you enjoy what we curate for you each month, and that you get to make some sweet memories as well!

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